EPDM Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural, and Commercial Use – , 0.5in ID, Flexible, Temperature Resistant – 300psi Pressure

EPDM Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural, and Commercial Use – , 0.5in ID, Flexible, Temperature Resistant – 300psi Pressure

This economy multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications for the transfer of air, water, and light chemicals. The durable EPDM tube and cover stand up to a high range of temperature changes and remains extremely flexible.

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Black EPDM




-40°F to 210°F

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At last, the new M003101-050 multipurpose hose is here to revolutionize your industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications. Our hose is a premium and high-quality solution to transfer air, water, and light chemicals efficiently. Carefully crafted for all your industrial needs, our M003101-050 hose is undoubtedly your go-to solution.

Our EPDM tube and cover – the core of our hose – is constructed to endure a vast range of temperature changes. It remains incredibly flexible, keeping wear and tear to a minimum, and ensuring durability for extended use. At the same time, our economy hose maintains uncompromising quality standards.

Our black EPDM tube provides excellent resistance to heat, weather conditions, and common industrial chemicals. It is further strengthened with Textile, making it highly resistant to kink, crushing, and preventing deformation under pressure. Coupled with its ability to withstand a broad temperature range from -40°F to 210°F, the M003101-050 is your best bet for an all-in-one solution.

Our multipurpose hose boasts a relatively smaller inner diameter of 0.5-inch, with an outer diameter of 0.84-inch, making it perfect for the transfer of air, water, and light chemicals within a 300 PSI operating pressure. With a remarkable 04:01:00 burst ratio, our hose ensures maximum safety, eliminating any safety concerns and interruptions to your operations.

Our M003101-050 is incredibly lightweight at only 0.22lbs per foot, thus making it easier and safer to handle. Our hose is perfect for professionals in construction, agriculture, or other industrial sectors. Whether you are transferring air, water, or light chemicals, our M003101-050 multipurpose hose makes it a seamless experience.

In conclusion, whether you’re working in the factory, laboratory, or construction site, upgrading your industrial tool kit with the M003101-050 economy multipurpose hose today will save you time, effort, and provide better ultimate solutions!

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